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Let Media Fusion help you continue to connect with your customers, vendors, and prospects

Current conditions have caused us all to re-evaluate how we connect with customers and prospects, often with smaller budgets or limited resources. This is no more apparent than in the event sphere. Media Fusion is uniquely positioned to provide the creative experience and technology help you need to maintain and expand this important aspect of your business.

We have multiple solutions to fit different budgets and needs, that can satisfy many of the same needs as a physical trade event:


  • Improve Brand Visibility
  • Generate Sales Leads
  • Increase Customer Contact
  • Gather Feedback
  • Showcase New Products / Capabilities
  • Build Partner / Vendor Relationships


  • Networking
  • Training & Education
  • Information / Discovery (find new products & services)
  • Swag

A virtual tradeshow booth created by Media Fusion

Media Fusion Solutions

  • Bring the customers to your website and directly into your existing lead generation & tracking tools
  • Are very affordable, often costing no more than one trade event booth exhibit
  • Allow visitors to reach you any time, on their own schedule, providing a longer-term ROI

Virtual Exhibits, Product Displays, and Product Catalogs

Upload your booth to the internet to allow visitors to experience all your physical booth offers and more! A complete virtual environment can be integrated directly into your website and navigated with a web browser.

Live Event Management

Go beyond talking heads and zoom calls. Host livestream video events integrating staff from multiple locations and direct and immediate customer questions and feedback.

Live Event Management

Online Media Analytics and Data-driven Marketing

Learn what your customers and prospects are looking for before your competitors do through deep market analysis on search engines and social media.

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