2016-17 Scholarship Award

July 28, 2016

Scholarship_2016007.jpgThe new school year is upon us and once again Media Fusion is proud to help students in their higher education goals. The Dr. Thomas G Roberts memorial scholarship provides a total of $10,000 in scholarship funds to The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Calhoun Community College in Huntsville, Ala., the University of the District of Columbia, and Antelope Valley Community College in Lancaster, Calif.

Each year, these institutions select students to receive the scholarship. One of the recipients this year is Katie Moss who is a mother of eight and seeking an associate’s degree at Antelope Valley with sights set on a bachelor’s in business administration. She is the first in her family to attend college and Media Fusion is proud to be a part of Katie's education goals and a brighter future for her and her family. We wish Katie and all of the 2016-17 scholarship recipients the greatest success in their endeavors.