Engineering Visualization

Advanced Media Describing a Technical Achievement


We support engineering test activities using the latest digital and traditional imaging equipment. We have a successful history supporting one of the Nation’s most respected test facilities at Marshall Space Flight Center at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. This test facility was established during the beginnings of America’s space program in the 1950’s and continues today testing the latest rocket technology. We support the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Test Wing with ground and aerial photography and video. Our support includes capturing high-speed imagery of a wide variety of rocket engine and component tests.

  • Photron Fastcam High-Speed Digital Cameras
  • 30,000 fps NAC fx6000
  • Phantom V7
  • Redlake High-Speed Film Cameras
  • Milliken Film Cameras
  • Aerial Photography
  • Tyler Nose-Mount Gyro-Stabilized Photography
  • Film To Digital Transfer

We also provide engineering multimedia presentations for evaluation of missions and training. We create cinematic quality Concept of Operations (ConOPS) videos and animations that assist engineers to evaluate and communicate mission plans. We utilize engineering data output from simulation software, radar data, optical 3D scanners, and CAD files. Our “training multimedia” is developed with the engineering team to assist the final users and maintenance crews on the proper use and handling of equipment and systems.

  • Technically Accurate 3D Animation
  • Cinematic Quality Imagery
  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction (All IMI levels)
  • Integrates Photography, Video & Multimedia

Media Fusion's strength is in the quality and technical accuracy of our imagery. We have helped Congress understand future spacecraft for NASA. We have helped investors understand products before the first die was cut and aircraft manufacturers pre-sale jets years before the first flight. Media Fusion can help you bring your product or concept to life.

  • 3D Tours
  • Web Tours
  • Animated Concepts
  • Illustrations
  • Mission Scenarios
  • Architectural Walkthroughs
  • Litigation Support