About Us

A New Kind of Support Services Company

About Media Fusion

Originally conceived as a media production studio, Media Fusion, LLC has grown into a new kind of Support Services Company that provides media production and institutional support services. From our simple beginnings, Media Fusion has grown into a nationally recognized support services company. Although we are involved in a wide range of services, we believe that certain truths, learned when we were a small company, still apply:

  • Everything we do should be focused on customer service.
  • We enjoy finding unique solutions to difficult problems.
  • Clear goals and objectives lead to successful outcomes.

This commitment to quality and customer service continues to be the foundation of our growth.

Our Mission

Media Fusion is an established Support Services Company dedicated to delivering exceptional services. We combine technical skills with creative excellence to go beyond expectations. Our team enjoys a casual work environment, opportunities for development, and meaningful work that makes a difference for our customers and the country.

Our Values

Our Mission is achieved with a focus on core values:

Quality: To execute our job to the highest standards free of defects and inaccuracies. Creativity: To complete every task with comprehensive thought and imagination. Customer Satisfaction: To meet and exceed the customer’s expectations on every task. Productivity: To do our work within the time permitted with precision. Ethics: Employees of Media Fusion have an uncompromising commitment to provide our customers with quality products and services, while meeting high moral and ethical standards in the performance of our jobs.